Who We Are?

Radar Talent Search is located in Bangalore and was established in 2013.
We are in the business of unearthing the finest human resource for Corporates & Industries in various sectors.
Our Modus Operandi  Understanding what ‘you’ want, what’s best for ‘your’ business, finding the right talent that corresponds to ‘your’ express requirements, allowing ‘you’ to focus on your big ideas, while we enlist reliable soldiers to join ‘your’ cause.

Simply said – We put ‘you’ in the driver’s seat!!

Our Strengths

  • Our recruitment process is scenario specific and highly customized to individual enterprise needs
  • A complete diagnostic routine & effective counselling helps us educate you about optimized resource utilization
  • Highly Professional, Caring & Flexible towards your business’ requirement & limitations
  • We bring forth Strong technical skills and experience in system integration
  • We harbour strong values – integrity, professionalism and transparency across the entire organization.